Meal Services

School meals are the main source of energy for students to carry out their daily activities at school, such as learning, playing and developing their physical health. Therefore, providing students with nutritious, safe and balanced meals is also a top concern of CISS in general and CIS in particular.

Understanding that, CIS has chosen May Catering as a catering company responsible for providing and serving meals for students at school. May Catering is an experienced company in the field of Catering for schools & companies.







To make each meal become an enjoyable and nutritious culinary experience for students at CIS, we always pay attention to every smallest detail through the following criteria:

  • Safety: May strongly applies standards of food safety and hygiene (FSH) from choosing quality ingredients, reputable suppliers with adequate certification of FSH, HACCP, VietGap, GlobalGap, ISO standards, etc. to one-way kitchen processes. All our kitchens have Certificates of Food Hygiene and Safety.
  • Nutrition: As a foundation of health and intelligence, a balanced meal will ensure adequate nutrition for students to maintain their health and develop comprehensively. The menu structure always follows these following criteria:
    • Balancing 4 food groups: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals;
    • Reducing greasy food;
    • Enhancing more green vegetables (daily rotation of salad bar with different toppings and dressings);
    • Always improving the nutritional value of each meal by adding healthy foods such as grain food groups, brown rice, etc.
  • Professionalism: Our staff is highly qualified with abundant knowledge of food. We also provide them with regular health checkups and FSH training. The kitchen is equipped with modern equipment and machinery.







In addition to the nutrition regime, the menu structure also gives students various choices of foods from local dishes to international dishes.

CIS hopes that nutritious meals with lots of choices at school will bring students excitement, freshness and promote healthy eating habits.

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