Meal Services

We focus on students' nutritious meals to help them stay healthy and fit to participate in all learning and playing activities at school.

 - Diverse Asian - European menus that alternate often to keep diners interesting all the time.

 - The structure of dishes is built according to the nutritional diet, ensuring an adequate supply of nutrients. 

  • Reduce fat at every meal.
  • Enhance many green vegetables, vegetables, and salads that are rotated daily.
  • Supplement food grain groups to increase plant protein.
  • Add to the menu, brown rice with high nutritional content, good for health.



  • Morning Snack 


    • Rezitepp: Salad, Soup

    • Noodle and Rice

    • Main dish: stir-fried noodle, Vietnamese dishes, international dish, vegetables, soup. 

    • Dessert

    • Vegetarian 

    • Monthly Buffet 

  • Afternoon SNACK