Bus services

To facilitate the transportation for students and shorten their time, our school bus system provides a wide range of pick-up/ drop-off points in every district to suit parents’ choices. The bus services are professionally provided by Nguyen Trinh Gia Company - our internal company whose management and driving staff are well-expertised in transportation industry.

All are operated under a rigorous process to minimize risks during child transportation. 

Please refer to the School Bus Fee (Download here) and Bus Regulations to register for this bus service.

Should there be any requests to have the students picked up from a specific residence, please contact the school office for further information. The School shall confirm the commencement date via provided phone numbers or emails. Parents are expected to submit this School Services Application Form to the school office or directly contact us via phone at (028) 54.123.444 (Ext: 1150) – (028) or email us at schoolbus@cis.edu.vn for CIS students or at xeduaruoc@bcis.edu.vn for BCIS students, prior to 15th July, 2021.

You have any question? Please contact our hotline: (028).54.123.456
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