The CISS Athletics Program is built on the belief that teamwork affords valuable life lessons critical to character education. Through sport, we are committed to teaching athletic skills, so later in life students have the confidence and desire to be active, exercise, and play recreational sports. CISS students have the opportunity to play many sports. For the 2020-2021 school year, CISS is fielding 41 Athletic Teams, which includes students from ages 7-18 in varied sports including but not limited to Badminton, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming and Volleyball.

The Athletics Program of the Canadian International School System (CISS) believes that being part of a team and playing sports puts character into action and allows for so many of life’s lessons to be learned. Through sport, we are committed to teaching students athletic things, so later in life they have the confidence and desire to be active, exercise, and play recreational sports. The students of CISS have the opportunity to play as many sports as possible because the skills and lessons learned are transferable, not only from sport to sport, but from sport to everyday life. 


Participation in athletics is an integral part of the overall educational experience offered at CIS. The Athletics Program vigorously supports the academic mission of the school by striving to provide students opportunities for physical, mental, emotional, and social development through sport.

The Athletics Program promotes interscholastic athletics that provide lifelong learning experiences while enhancing students’ achievement of educational goals. The skills taught in sport - teamwork, personal excellence, discipline, dedication, commitment, focus, organization, time management and leadership - are the same tools needed in everyday life. We have an opportunity for self-expression not found in other venues of school life. We have a commitment to excellence, and while winning is a natural goal in the pursuit of excellence, learning how to win and how to lose with dignity, pride, grace, and character are traits uniquely developed through the competitive nature of sport and valued deeply at CIS.               


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