At the first station, students of the Canadian International School (CIS) came to Lai Day Station - where they learned everything about environmental protection. From making soap from green materials and reusing plastic items to applying the “ Old to one are new to the other" method, calling on people to exchange things they no longer used for the items they needed. The above lessons are cleverly integrated into attractive games and alluring offers, such as playing bingo for free bar soap, exchanging old phone cases for new ones, or bringing plastic bottles to refill shampoo and shower gel, etc. In addition, students can also buy their families some small gifts made from green materials to protect the environment.

The next station of the trip is Saigon Bridge Park, where the children are free to have fun and relieve stress after class hours through active games such as climbing, swings, slides, etc.

After enjoyable activities, CISers came to Maison Marou - a high-class Coffee shop, Bakery, and Chocolate Kitchen in Vietnam. This destination is highly preferred by CISers, because they knew about the chocolate production process from cocoa beans in a vivid way. Besides, the students also had the chance to become chocolate experts and learned how to eat chocolate professionally. In addition, the activity interests CIS students the most is trying and guessing the taste of chocolate. Everyone was extremely excited and actively participated in this activity. At the end of the session, CIS students also competed to buy different types of chocolate as gifts for their parents.

Let's look back at the memorable moments of this exciting trip!

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