The Rockets Sports Program vigorously supports the academic mission of schools across Ho Chi Minh City by striving to provide students opportunities for physical, mental, emotional and social development through sport.
The skills taught in sports - teamwork, discipline, dedication, commitment, focus, organization, time management, and leadership - are the same tools needed in everyday life. Student-athletes have an opportunity for self-expression not found in other venues of their academic lives.

What makes the Rockets Sports program different?

  • A sports program that is uniquely situated in one location and features five different sports options
  • Our world-class facilities are spread across the CIS Campus and highlighted by our Olympic-sized swimming Pool.
  • Numerous days and times are available for each sport to meet the various needs of our families and students in their busy everyday lives best.
  • To register for any of the sports sessions offered as part of the Rockets Sports Program, or if you have any questions regarding those sessions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our reception team.


Our educational institution has a Club Program twice a week for all students. It's divided into Primary/Junior and Intermediate/Senior levels. Clubs include athletics, academics, art, and social causes like Habitat for Humanity and Anti-Human Trafficking. Active participation fosters social responsibility and growth as global citizens while contributing to the local community.


  • We offer two 12-week club cycles (September 10th - December 5th and February 18th - May 14th).
  • In Kindergarten, we offer four different clubs, and the students rotate through each Kindergarten class for each club daily
  • In Grade 1, we offer four different clubs, and the students rotate through each Grade 1 class for each club every couple of weeks.
  • Some examples of clubs that will be running are STEM, Mindfulness, Visual Art, Yoga, Music, Drama, Origami, Dance, and Building.


For the past four years, our Primary/Junior Clubs Program has operated on a team-based format, continuing into the 2019-2020 school year. With a team-based club program, all our Primary/Junior students are part of a team! So many life skills can be learned from being part of a team, and it is also a great way to build character. Character Education is integral to the CISS Curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12.


Our Intermediate/Senior Clubs Program continues to thrive, and last year, we offered a wide range of Clubs that catered to the interests of all students. The Student-Led, Sport-Based Clubs were a massive hit for all the students, and we will expand upon this success this year as we strive to give our students as many opportunities as possible to be active. GIN (Global Issues Network) Clubs also continue to be an integral part of the Intermediate/Senior program and the many other endeavours our teachers prepare.

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