Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

To ensure quality in our program, we are partnered with TVO Independent Learning Centre (TVO-ILC) in Ontario as our consulting educational provider. TVO-ILC is the online learning partner for the Ontario Ministry of Education, and is accredited by Educanada to grant the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Located in Toronto, Canada, TVO-ILC serves over 20,000 students internationally in over 95 countries, and has over a 90-year track record of student success. They provide more than 140 courses and a team of over 200 education and media professionals to support our students.

The program offered at CIS, in partnership with TVO-ILC, follows ​​a hybrid-learning model. Students attend daily classes in person at CIS, where they are taught by our certified teachers during the school day. The assessments are then evaluated by a team of educators who ensure that students receive the highest quality education. All educators at TVO-ILC are Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) that bring real classroom experience.

Students must pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) or complete the equivalent Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course, and complete the required hours of community service to qualify and receive an Ontario Student Transcript and OSSD Diploma from TVO-ILC.

In order to earn the OSSD diploma, students must successfully complete 3 mandatory requirements:

  • Earn a minimum of 30 credits, including 18 mandatory and 12 optional credit courses.
  • Successfully passed the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) or Ontario Literacy course (OLC40)
  • Complete 40 hours of Community Service


IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) At CIS


The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, established in 1968, is the flagship offering of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). Adopted by over 4,000 schools globally, the IBDP equips graduates with essential skills for excelling in higher education. Renowned for its exceptional standards, the programme is heralded by alumni for its rigorous preparation for university-level study and independent learning. The IBDP offers a broad spectrum of subjects, allowing students to tailor their educational journey to their individual strengths and interests.

The IB Diploma Programme is a holistic and challenging academic path designed for driven and intellectually ambitious students. Its graduates are frequently admitted to their first-choice universities and often outperform their peers. Recognized as one of the world's foremost secondary education programs, the IBDP cultivates graduates with advanced analytical and critical thinking abilities, ready to tackle postsecondary education in a globally competitive landscape.


  • The IB Diploma Programme is associated with numerous benefits, including:
  • Global recognition and high regard from universities.
  • Preferred admission and scholarship opportunities at universities around the world.
  • Transfer credits at many universities for top IB scores, potentially accelerating academic progress.
  • Rigorous, externally assessed exams that hone critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Independent research and writing elements that surpass typical high school academic requirements.
  • Interdisciplinary studies encouraging connections across different academic disciplines.
  • An international perspective fostering responsible citizenship and the ambition to contribute positively to global society.

To discover more reasons to choose the IBDP, please download the available documents and explore further at www.ibo.org


  • CIS offers a diverse selection of courses across all Subject Groups, with the option to choose between Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) for most subjects.
  • Our instructors are highly qualified, drawn from Ontario-certified and international backgrounds, all having completed pertinent IB professional development.
  • They participate in ongoing educational dialogue and professional learning with fellow IB educators across the globe.
  • Engagement opportunities with the wider IB community come via workshops, collaborations with local schools in Vietnam, the Southeast Asia region, and resources from the IB Programme Resource Centre.

We strongly encourage parents and guardians to engage with the IB Diploma Programme. As vital members of our community, your involvement is crucial in fostering a nurturing environment and driving the evolution of our educational offerings. The IBDP differs from the Ontario Curriculum, necessitating an awareness of the unique demands placed on IB students. These include intensive summative evaluations, standardized testing, required extracurricular involvement, and emphasis on individual written and oral assignments.


The application process typically begins in the middle of Grade 10, but the journey towards the IBDP can start as early as Grade 7. This allows aspiring IB students to set academic goals, enhance learning skills, and explore potential Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) initiatives. Those interested in the IB Diploma Programme should reach out to the CIS IBDP Coordinator for comprehensive program details. Up-to-date information is also accessible on our website: cis.edu.vn or IB’s website: www.ibo.org  and will be featured during our IB informational events throughout the academic year

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

The Canadian International School does not currently offer Advanced Placement courses within our timetable due to the constraints of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma credit requirements.  The school has on staff an Advanced Placement Coordinator who will assist those students looking to take Advanced Placement courses via independent study and will assist with the logistics associated with registration and examination proctoring.


Advanced Placement (AP) provides students with the academic rigour of university-level courses while still in high school. Additionally, many colleges and universities grant course credit to students once they have passed their AP exam. This can significantly benefit students by reducing the number of courses they are required to take and parents in terms of tuition costs.

However, the real advantage is that AP courses help better prepare our students for university and considerably strengthen their college applications. The AP program demonstrates to college admissions officers that those students are well-prepared to tackle the fast-paced academic challenges that follow high school graduation.

Students can take one or more AP courses, depending on their academic interests and aptitudes.  As we grow this program, the school hopes to offer students the possibility to take the AP Capstone Diploma. Students are awarded the Capstone Diploma after earning a score of 3 or higher on four AP exams of their choice and completing the AP Seminar and Research classes.

AP program offers students a different educational experience from the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB). Both offer rigorous and challenging academic course content.  However, students selecting the AP pathway have greater flexibility in the number of courses they wish to take.

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