News 11/12/2023

The Canadian International School (CIS) proudly congratulates the golf talents of the CIS U15 Golf Club on their impressive victory at The Friendly Golf Tournament between CIS and BRVT Junior, held at Sonadezi Châu Đức Golf Course on December 10.

Providing a high-quality sports experience for students, CIS collaborated with BRVT Junior to organize a friendly golf tournament exclusively for CIS-ers. Through a seven-match competition that lasted several hours, despite facing a tough score deficit, the CIS golfers, affectionately nicknamed "lead soldiers" showcased their determination by never giving up. Courageously, they, along with their teammates, staged a remarkable comeback with a score of 4-3, securing valuable medals in the tournament's inaugural season. Participating in the tournament, golf athletes from both teams had the opportunity to learn, exchange experiences, and develop their individual golf skills.

CIS, as a pioneering international school in Ho Chi Minh City, has officially introduced golf into its regular curriculum and enhanced extracurricular classes to offer an all-round development for students. The golf training sessions for CIS students take place at a standardized golf practice facility equipped with the latest modern tools within the CIS school premises. Under the guidance of Coach Ngô Bảo Nghi, a three-time consecutive national golf champion and representative of Vietnam at four SEA Games, CIS aims to be a hub for talented golfers, nurturing and training a generation of core golf athletes for the future.

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