The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) And IB Core At CIS

News 03/01/2024

When Grade 10 students at Canadian International School (CIS) approach the end of their school year, parents and students will have to make crucial course options for the final two years of high school, Grades 11 and 12. These years are vital for preparing skills and knowledge for studying abroad at top educational institutions in Canada and worldwide.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) A Pathway to Global Mindedness

In addition to offering the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), we are delighted to offer the globally recognized IBDP. The IBDP equips students with comprehensive knowledge and enhances critical thinking, offering many advantages that apply to diverse societies and life. Moreover, the mission of IBDP is to cultivate internationally-minded individuals who are enthusiastic learners, knowledgeable, and deeply connected to the world around them.

The IB learner profile outlines the competencies and qualities that students are expected to develop while pursuing the IBDP program. The profile aims to develop learners who are thinkers, balanced, risk-takers, caring, reflective, open-minded, principled, communicators, knowledgeable, inquirers. As a result, the IBDP program aligns closely with and shares the OSSD's educational vision. It emphasizes the harmonious development of both life skills and academic knowledge.

The IB Core aims to “broaden students’ educational experience and challenge them to apply their knowledge and skills.”( and consists of three required components: Theory of Knowledge (TOK), the Extended Essay (EE), and CAS (Creativity, Action, Service).

Theory of Knowledge - TOK

TOK provides an opportunity for students to reflect on the interpretive nature of knowledge, thereby fostering critical thinking, increasing openness, and facilitating access to diverse perspectives and various cultures.

“Studying cognitive theory (TOK), I have a positive perspective when looking at the good and bad sides of life” - Thao L., former IBDP student at CIS school shared.

Extended Essay - EE

For the Extended Essay (EE), students will be required to undertake a personal research project up to 4,000 words in length. To complete the Extended Essay, students will practice necessary skills to study at University such as: researching, comparing, contrasting, and synthesizing information.

“The process of building a questionnaire, independently research, and writing my own essay has helped me improve my skills in selecting and correcting research information. Each student must deeply explore the research topic they have chosen. From the research steps, students gain deep values ​​and improve their critical thinking skills - an essential skill when studying at University.” - Thao L., a former IB student shared.

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Creativity, Activity, Service - CAS

The IBDP advocates broadening the student experience. Therefore, IB learners need to participate in artistic activities and creative thinking. Through extracurricular activities, students will form and develop a healthy lifestyle as well as combine services to meet real needs in the community.

CAS requires students to participate in a sequence of activities with clear goals and at least one project. These requirements embody the spirit of "personal challenge; careful consideration, such as planning, progress review, reporting; and individual learning and performance reflection" (

Regarding CAS activities, Thao L. - an IB student shared - "I have learned how to balance study and life. If students are busy studying, they will not have enough time to recognize their strengths and weaknesses or practice other necessary skills. CAS will create opportunities for you to experience and challenge yourself to learn many new knowledge and skills.”

More information about IBDP & IB Core

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is a comprehensive overview academic program for motivated and high-achieving students. With IBDP diploma, learners will increase their chances of being accepted at most major universities in the world. As a globally respected secondary education program, IB students are trained to become international citizens who are able to analyze and synthesize information effectively. 

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