News 05/12/2023

"Silence" is a six-letter phrase, yet it represents a form of communication that is challenging for anyone to understand. When facing or witnessing atrocities, and unspeakable events, "silence" becomes a destructive force that undermines everything—from thoughts and emotions to relationships—ultimately turning individuals into victims of these events. How, then, can we "break the silence" within the community, enabling everyone to raise awareness and speak out to prevent these atrocities?

The GIN Council officially launched the "Break of Silence," a movement aligned with the spirit of "sharing", one of the principles of Character Education in Action at CIS. This initiative stands in solidarity with the victims of illegal human trafficking and operates in collaboration with the Blue Dragon organization. Participants in the Break of Silence will contribute 20,000 VND to the fund and maintain silence from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM, aiming to raise awareness within the community about the negative impacts of maintaining "silence" and disregarding the societal issues at hand.

All funds raised will be transferred to the Blue Dragon organization, a non-governmental entity with the mission of rescuing children from the scourge of human trafficking and illegal abuse. Blue Dragon provides long-term support in education and legal assistance to build a future for these children, fostering lasting change for vulnerable children in Vietnam and contributing to a better world.

Join us; take action with CIS for a brighter future!

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