News 08/11/2023

The CIS Wolves team delivered an outstanding performance at the Friendship Swimming Tournament, where they competed against the AISVN, right on their home field. What truly shone through, beyond the competition, was the remarkable sportsmanship and camaraderie displayed by every team member.


For these young athletes, sports represent more than just victory or defeat; it's a valuable opportunity for both teams to grow and learn from each other. As the final whistle echoed, the students joyfully embraced one another, forging enduring bonds of friendship between CIS and AISVN.


One of the AISVN's athletes, brimming with excitement, shared his thoughts on the experience, saying, "I was truly impressed by the Olympic-sized swimming pool and the warm, welcoming atmosphere created by the teachers and friends at CIS. Their enthusiastic support for both teams ignited a fire within me, especially as we were competing on our friends' home ground. Additionally, at this Friendship Swimming Tournament, I had the privilege of interacting with Ms. Anh Vien, the Head Swim Coach of CIS. I genuinely look forward to returning to CIS."


CIS firmly believes that beyond the confines of victory and defeat, it's great sportsmanship that will bridge the gap between CIS students and the international school community.


Let’s look forward to the upcoming Friendship Tournament at CIS!



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