News 06/12/2023

The Canadian International School (CIS) proudly celebrates the remarkable achievements of the Wolves CIS Swim Team at the 2023 SISAC Secondary Swim Championship (ages 10 - 18 years old)! Not only did they secure numerous medals, but the Wolves team also emerged victorious in Pool A, the group for the most elite athletes in the tournament. As a reward for hours of dedicated practice, passion, and effort, CIS Coaches and Students attained glory across various categories.

  • 15 Gold medals
  • 11 Silver medals
  • 11 Bronze medals

The SISAC not only showcased outstanding athleticism but also camaraderie, team skills, and sportsmanship among CIS-ers. At CIS, students are encouraged to improve their physical fitness, cultivate comprehensive skills, and foster a passion for sports under the guidance of an exceptional coaching team, notably led by the "swimming champion" Nguyễn Thị Ánh Viên.

CIS Wolves, keep the passion alive and shine in the upcoming seasons!

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