On March 27, at Thanh Nien Newspaper, an online seminar "Special financial support program for international school" has been taken place. Parents are entitled to unsecured loans of up to VND 900 million to pay preferential tuition fees, and the school pays all interest on behalf of the entire loan term

Studying at the International schools with 11-15 million VND each month!

Ms. Nguyen Thi Kieu Oanh - General Director of Khoi Nguyen Education Development & Investment Joint Stock Company, co-founder of the Canadian International School System (CISS), said that CISS has been offering financial support solutions for parents since 2009 with the program "Founding Parents". After that, along with some other programs such as “Study Discount”, “Special Membership”, etc., the school always offers financial support packages for parents, which are studied and applied by many other international schools. 

According to Ms. Oanh, this year's "Tuition Companionship" program is the largest financial support program ever in the CISS to support parents to overcome difficulties caused by Covid-19. Accordingly, parents can split the tuition fee to pay each month through the bank, instead of paying only once a year or two terms as before. Parents are entitled to unsecured loans of up to 900 million VND to pay for a preferential tuition package, with a maximum loan term of up to 5 years. The interest on this loan will be paid in full by the school on behalf of the parents for the duration of the loan.

Hỗ trợ tài chính đến 900 triệu đồng để cho con học trường quốc tế - ảnh 2


It is estimated that at member schools, such as the Albert Einstein School (AES), a parent participating in the program starting at grade 1 only pays about 7 million VND/month. With the bilingual system at the Bilingual Canadian International School (BCIS), the monthly payment is about 13-15 million VND. With the Canadian International School (CIS) being the most advanced segment, studying entirely in English with the Ontario Diploma (Canada) and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, the average payment for 5 years is about 25 million VND/month.

Tuition does not rise but instead falls

Accompanying with CISS, Ms. Le Thi My Tho - Director of Corporate Marketing Center at Shinhan Bank, also said that when parents complete the procedure for the "Tuition Companionship" program, the maximum disbursement time is 3 days. There are 2 forms of tuition package funding, which the school pays interest on behalf. One is unsecured, the maximum loan amount is up to 900 million VND and the maximum loan period is within 5 years. Second, there is no limit on the loan limit for a mortgage so that you can pack your tuition fees for a long year.

Hỗ trợ tài chính đến 900 triệu đồng để cho con học trường quốc tế - ảnh 3

Responding to parents' questions about whether participating in this program will increase tuition fees, Ms. Kieu Oanh said: "Up to now, the 3rd year, the Canadian International School System still maintains its commitment not to increase tuition fees for existing parents. This time, we not only did not increase the tuition fee but with the implementation of the "Tuition Companionship" program, existing parents also have the opportunity to reduce the tuition fee. The reason is that with the way the school pays the interest instead and the parents divide the tuition fee to pay each month, the tuition fee has been reduced by 30-40% compared to the annual tuition fee. During the 5 years of participating in the program, the tuition fee is also kept stable”.

Present at the online seminar, Dr. Brenda Williamson - CISS Head of school also added up, until this March, CISS seniors have received more than 40 invitations to universities around the world with scholarships, where the maximum amount granted to 1 student is 100,000 USD. Mrs. Kieu Oanh also provided remarkable information that, continuously over the years, 100% of students in CISS, including the Albert Einstein School (AES) or the Bilingual Canadian International School (BCIS) (who have studied under the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training), who achieve the prescribed level of English is exempted from the high school graduation English exam and is recorded with a score of 10 in English subjects.

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