IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)

What is IBDP?

The IB Diploma Programme was, in 1968, the first IB Programme to be introduced. It remains the most popular and reputable of the IBO's programmes, with over 4000 schools offering courses. Students who graduate from this challenging academic program are equipped with the necessary skills to flourish at university. IB graduates regularly praise the programme's rigor for giving them an introduction to university-style learning and independence. With a variety of subjects from which to choose, IB students can cater to their program of study so that it fits their relative strengths and interests.

The IB Diploma Programme is a holistic well-rounded academic program for motivated and high-achieving students. Students who graduate with the IB Diploma are nearly always accepted into the universities of their choice, and usually end up succeeding well.  The Diploma Programme is one of the most reputable secondary education systems in the world. IB students become globally-minded thinkers who can analyze and synthesize information effectively. They are well-prepared for postsecondary studies in an increasingly competitive international market.

Why the Diploma Programme (DP)?

Studying the IB Diploma Programme has many advantages. Some of them are:

  • Recognition and high status among  universities worldwide
  • Admission preference and scholarships to universities worldwide
  • University transfer credits from nearly all universities for high-achieving IB students, which means that students can skip some classes in university
  • Externally-assessed standardized examinations that challenge students' thinking and analytical abilities
  • Independent research and writing demands that exceed most high school curricula
  • An interdisciplinary education which requires students to make connections between subject areas 
  • An internationally-minded education that develops responsible citizens who can improve the world.

Download these documents and find out more about why you should choose IBDP.  For more information about the IB, please consult www.ibo.org

The Diploma Programme (DP) at CIS?

  • We offer a broad range of courses, with choices in nearly every Subject Group and flexibility to choose either SL or HL for most courses
  • Our teachers are fully-qualified Ontario and international teachers who have done the necessary IB training workshops
  • They are given ample time for an educational discussion and professional learning with each other, and with other IB educators around the world.
  • These opportunities come through IB workshops, the local network of schools in Vietnam and the SE Asia region, and the IB Programme Resource Centre.


Parents and guardians are encouraged to find out more about the IB Diploma Programme. Parents are an important part of our community and must be involved in the school to help shape and improve it.  The IBDP is a different program of education than the Ontario Curriculum, and parents must understand the different needs of IB students. These include a heavy focus on summative evaluations and standardized examinations; mandatory extracurricular involvement for all students; and a focus on individual written and oral work.

How to apply to the IB Diploma Programme at CIS?

Interested students may choose to apply to the IB Diploma Programme. Applications are usually done in the middle of the Grade 10 year. Preparations for IB can begin as early as Grade 7, with students beginning to identify personal academic goals, improving their learning skills, and investigating possible Creativity, Activity and Service projects. Students who are interested in pursuing the IB Diploma Programme are encouraged to contact the CIS IBDP Coordinator for information regarding the programme. Additional information is available on the website and during IB information sessions throughout the school year.


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