House System

The final major piece of our Co-Curricular puzzle here at CIS is our House System! The House System is entering its fourth year at CIS.  
The House System is meant to increase school spirit by way of healthy competition in a team environment, while adding an increased feeling of belonging and sense of tradition. Students are able to earn points based on many things, from sports to music to academic performance. For those who are new to the CISS Community, the House System is a traditional feature of schools worldwide whereby the participating school is split into subunits known as “Houses”. The House System increases school spirit through healthy team competition. Four House Days have been designated in the school calendar as a way of fostering a sense of belonging, building tradition and underscoring the values of character education. Our 4 Houses are: Cerberus (Black), Phoenix (Red), Kraken (Blue), and Hydra (White).



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