High-quality Teaching & Learning environment

Canadian International School System, Vietnam believes the following beliefs about teaching and learning environments. Teacher formed and support these statements as part of their commitment to working with your children.

High-Quality Teaching and Learning Environment at CISS involves: 

1. Positive learning environment (risk-taking, safe to explore) 

2. Spiraled targeted learning, consistently revisiting and building on core concepts 

3. Challenging but within the student’s Zone of Proximal Development 

4. Modeling and visualization to demonstrate skills and create understanding 

5. High standards for performance that are high and known by students

6. Real-life application and/or real-life approach 

7. An active process with opportunities for engagement, reflection, and ownership

8. Encouraging intrinsic motivation through enjoyment, engagement, autonomy, and success (involve differentiation) 

9. Involves assessment for, as, and of learning

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