Character Education in Action

Character development in Ontario schools is a deliberate and intentional process. It has been a cornerstone of the Ontario Curriculum for almost 20 years. At CIS character education is embedded in the curriculum from Kindergarten through to Grade 8. Each of the ten school months celebrates one character trait through a variety of classroom curriculum activities that are age and grade-appropriate and culturally sensitive. All teachers address these traits through student written work and posters, book read-aloud, classroom experiences, bulletin boards, journals, school fundraisers and social justice activities and student assemblies. In Grades 9 through 12-character education is extended to the IB Learner Profile.

10 attributes to be put in action
PEACEMAKING We make the choice to calmly resolve conflicts and to practice actions that create an environment of acceptance and unity.
RESPECT We show positive regard for and acceptance of others’ thoughts, opinions, and feelings. We are inclusive and fair in our treatment of others.
INTEGRITY We are honest, trustworthy and genuine to ensure that our actions match our words.
CARING We show kindness, compassion, empathy, and friendship toward others.
OPTIMISM We have a positive attitude, resiliency to bounce back from adversity, and hope for the future. We do our part to make the world a better place.
PERSEVERANCE We demonstrate the effort and determination to complete a task to the best of our ability and to stick to that task even when it is difficult.
COURAGE We have the strength and ability to face challenges even when it might be difficult or unpopular. We take the initiative to act without being prompted by others.
RESPONSIBILITY We demonstrate self-discipline, self-control, reliability and are accountable for our choices, words, and actions. We take care of others and our environment.
COOPERATION We work together as a team to achieve a common goal or purpose.
GRATITUDE We demonstrate a thankful and appreciative attitude and focus on the ways in which we are fortunate.

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