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The Elementary Principal assists the CISS Head of School in building, developing the Elementary division of CISS. This role is responsible for the overall professional leadership and management of CISS Elementary curriculum and programme of instruction. The scope of responsibilities covers CISS Elementary institutional culture, quality of provision and service, school accreditation, authorisation of curriculum, compliance with academic standards, quality assurance and academic staff management.

The Elementary Principal will represent CISS Elementary division in working with parents, educational organisations, partners and other local communities; effificently collaborate with other Principals, Vice Principals and related Departments to ensure the effectiveness of CISS’s daily operations.

 Job description 

1. School Vision and Mission

  • Develop, build and ensure the vision of CISS Elementary is clearly articulate, shared, understood and acted upon effectively through CISS school’s objectives and operational plans that promote and sustain a culture of CISS school improvement.
  • Articulate a clear vision of effective Elementary instruction and assessment to ensure a child-centred approach that regards the success of each CISS Elementary student as the primary focus of all activities.
  • Build and provide an environment that validates students' needs to feel valued, safe and secure as a prerequisite to learning in the Elementrary division under the CISS Child Protection/School Safeguarding Policies.
  • Assist the CISS Head of School in managing and operating the CISS Elementary division and be responsible in front of the Board of Directors regarding the academic activities, educational quality and school operation in the extent of assigned duties by the CISS Head of School and the Board of Directors.
  • Act as a member of the CISS Leadership Council: be expected to adopt, in collaboration with colleagues, a collegial approach to management that excite, encourage and inspire staff to work as a team to make the CISS to become one of the top international schools in Vietnam in accordance with the regulations of CISS Leadership Council defined by the Board of Directors.
  • Be responsible for managing all aspects of the academic program consistent with the policies and practices of Elementary of the Province of Ontario, Canada and the MOET, Vietnam.
  • Be responsible to contribute to the development of the educational vision in accordance with the following principles:
    • Leadership: providing instructional leadership to the academic staff.
    • Ethics: inculcating by precept and example respect for morality and the highest regard for truth, justice, loyalty, love of country, humanity, benevolence, sobriety, industry, frugality, purity, temperance and all other virtues.
    • Canadian and Vietnamese Standards: being governed by the Education Act of Ontario, Canada, the Education Law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and the policies and regulations made therein.

2. Leading Learning and Teaching

  • Lead CISS Elementary leadership team to organize and manage teaching activities including extra- curricular programs in line with the CISS objectives and vision.
  • Assist the CISS Head of School in setting up the application policies and enrolment procedure based on CISS standards, collaborating with CISS leadership team members and other related departments for implementation.
  • Assist the CISS Head of School in establishing and supervising effective practices within the school for students’ safety and welfare.
  • Oversee the Elementary curriculum and ensure it caters for the needs of all Elementary students, and   review Elementary students performance and plan for improvement.
  • Carry an annual review of the progress of the academic program of the Elementary complete with recommendations for improvement.
  • Assessment and evaluation of students: improving the instructional program and securing accountability that includes examination schedules, teacher supervision, class construction.
  • Discipline and Tone of the School: focus on developing the Elementary organization to support desired practices and improving the instructional program that:
    • Learning: encouraging all pupils in the pursuit of learning;
    • Curriculum: assisting the teachers to teach such curriculum as adjusted or adopted;
    • Discipline: maintaining proper order and discipline in the school and on the school grounds;
    • Timetable: preparing a timetable; to conduct the school according to such timetable and the school year calendar(s) applicable thereto; to make the calendar(s) accessible to the pupils, teachers, and to assign classes and subjects to the teachers;
    • Examinations and Reports: holding such examinations as the Principal considers necessary for the promotion of pupils or for any purpose; report the progress of the pupil to his or her parent or guardian through parent-teacher interviews and using the school’s standard report card;
    • Assessment and Evaluation of Pupils: ensuring that the assessment and evaluation strategies established by the Province of Ontario and MOET are followed by each and every member of the teaching staff in a manner consistent with that required;
    • Promote Pupils: recommending to the CISS Head of School and the Board of Directors, the promotion of such pupils as the Principal considers proper and to issue to each such pupil a statement thereof;
    • Textbooks: using and permitting to be used as a textbook in a classroom or in a subject area for which textbooks are approved for use with the Ontario and MOET curriculum only textbooks that are approved for use with that curriculum and only textbooks that are approved by the Head of School in the case of subject areas for which the Ministry of Education, Ontario and Vietnam does not approve such supplementary texts as may from time to time be deemed appropriate.
    • Management Reports: furnishing to the CISS Head of School and the Board of Directors any information that may be in the Principal’s power to give regarding, the discipline in the school, the progress of the pupils, and any other matter affecting the interests of the School;
    • Register Pupils and Record Attendance: overseeing the ongoing registration of pupils and to ensure that the attendance of pupils for every school day is recorded in the register supplied by the schools;
    • Maintain Pupil Records: using the relevant regulations and the guidelines issued by the Ontario and Vietnam Ministry of Education as guidelines, to collect information for inclusion in a record similar to the Ontario and Vietnam School Record in respect of each pupil enrolled in the school and to establish, maintain, retain, transfer and disposal of the record;

3. Faculty Staff Performance Management

  • Assist the CISS Head of School in building, managing, leading and motivating the Elementary academic leadership team comprised of the Vietnamese Vice Principals and other faculty staff members.
  • Recruit personnel, within the framework of CISS policies and deploy strategically to ensure efficiencies and effectiveness, including new teachers recruitment, job postings, interviews, employment proposal, orientation for new academic staff.
  • Develop a strong Elementary team approach with open communication and a collaborative working environment; construct Elementary teacher timetables in accordance with contractual details.
  • Ensure close collaboration and alignment of the various functions with the policies, processes, procedures and guidelines of the CISS.
  • Conduct annual performance reviews of all Elementary teachers and teaching assistants in a cycle determined in collaboration with the CISS Head of School and the CISS Leadership Council, and recommend to the Head of School and Board of Directors for contract renewal.
  • Promote Elementary leadership development throughout the CISS schoolwide and implement a comprehensive professional development training plan in the consultation with the CISS Head of School and the Board of Directors that includes the orientation program for new teachers and returning teachers before the start of the academic year.

4. Quality Organisation Management

  • Assist the CISS Head of School in managing and monitoring the educational quality of CISS Elementary division; lead and guide the CISS Elementary leadership team in developing and implementing educational programs approved by the CISS Head of School, the Board of Directors and the CISS partners.
  • Assist the CISS Head of School in creating and building an organisation structure which reflects the CISS school values, and develop and recommend school policies, clear and evidence based improvement plans.
  • Work in conjunction with the Quality Assurance Advisory Board (when required) to ensure complicance with the Ontario and the MOET education and drive high quality result in education.
  • Collaborate with other related departments to manage efficiently customer (staff members, parents, students, partners) feedbacks to improve overall school operations and customer services.
  • Ensure compliance with health, safety, security and legal policies, procedures and requirements
  • Develop Elementary organisational capacity to sustain change; act as a member of CISS leadership team in creating a team approach to the ongoing success of the school to include co-operation and co-ordination of effort among the members of the staff of the school using a variety of strategies including but such strategies that from time to time might prove effective.
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead and management of Elementary division effectively under a regime of corporate and community accountability.

5. Accountability

  • In coordination with the Vietnamese Vice Principals and other related Departments implement an annual plan for PR Marketing and student recruitment for Elementary division, in conjunction with the CISS Head of School and the Board of Directors in the annual student recruitment plan.
  • Ensure individual staff accountabilities in the Elementary division are clearly defined, understood and agreed corresponding to  the performance appraisal criteria/policy.
  • Review and evaluate levels of accountability and responsibility of all Elementary staff.
  • Develop and present a coherent, understandable and accurate account of CISS Elementary performance.
  • Collaborate with other related Departments to prepare yearly budget supported by a business plan for the Elementary division to maximize financial resources as approved by the Board of Directors; and monitor regularly financial forecasts and set correctives measures.
  • Other accountabilities of the Elementary Principal that includes:
    • School Development: directing the academic staff to develop and implement the JK-12 academic program and make an annual review complete with recommendations for improvement;
    • School Inspections: co-operating with the representative of the Toronto District School Board and Vietnamese Vice Principals in preparing for an annual school inspection by the Toronto District School Board and Vietnam MOET in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Toronto District School Board and Vietnam MOET;
    • School Health & Safety: collaborate with other Leadership members to establish and oversee CISS H&S system/committee that includes in-services staff on accident procedures, fire drills and evacuation plans; make reports weekly on regular maintenance and immediately on health hazards; ensure the maintenance of all student records, teaching and learning materials: attendance, marks, report cards, disciplinary files, textbook, library, electronic, music and HPE equipment inventories;
    • Care of Pupils and School Property: give assiduous attention to the health and comfort of the pupils, to the cleanliness, temperature and ventilation of the classroom, to the care of all teaching materials and other school property, and to the condition and appearance of the classroom, school buildings and grounds; report promptly to the Board of Directors, when the Principal has reason to suspect the existence of any communicable disease in the school, and of the unsanitary condition of any part of the school building or the school grounds;

6. School Community

  • Collaborate with the CISS Leadership team in building consensus around school vision, mission and organisational objectives that fosters an atmosphere of trust and caring and demonstrate interpersonal skills for the empowerment of others across the CISS that includes:
  • School Council: collaborate with the CISS Head of School and other Leadership Team members in  organizing the school council and to support the Council’s efforts in maintaining close cooperation with the community; directing and supporting Student Council organizing the activities in accordance with the curriculum, requirements and educational goals of the School.
  • Build and engender community support for BCIS school improvement, including Parents Associate/Council, Parents-Teacher Associate, other local communities, etc.
  • Other duties such as organizing regular meetings between the BCIS school administrators and the Board of Directors, team work activities, and school events.
  • Create and maintain school community to support and improve both student and atsff achievement and personal development in the Elementrary division that includes:
    • Local Expectations: developing an integrated Vietnamese and Canadian curriculum and organizational culture at the CISS with appropriate adjustment as may be necessary to comply with the Education Act of Ontario and the Education law of Vietnam;
    • Access to School or Class: subject to an appeal to the Board of Directors, to refuse to admit to the school or classroom a person whose presence in the school or classroom would, in the Principal’s judgment, be detrimental to the physical or mental well-being of the pupils;
    • Parents’ Matters: establishing the procedure and principles in communication with parents so that the information is communicated to parents timely and effectively among the channels in the School; directing the academic staff to plan and organize the Teacher-Parent meeting during the school year. The Principal shall be responsible for contacting, solving the parents’ complains if it exceeds the responsibilities of teachers. The Principal has to work closely with related departments such as Admissions, Academic Services and teaching staff to act professionally in the relationship with Parents;
    • Other: to provide any other ancillary services as required to ensure the success of the academic program.  

This Job Description is not limited to the duties / responsibilities described above and will be subject to changes to incorporate any duties / responsibilities to reflect the job scope / business requirements.

 Job requirements

  • Strong background in instructional and school administration leadership.
  • Experience with Canadian or/and other advanced education systems and K-12 school model; experience with Vietnam education system would be an advantage.
  • Experience in recruiting Canadian and Vietnamese Teachers, and managing a diverse multi-cultural team and faculty.
  • Proven leadership and management skills in high performing academic organisations.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbally and written.
  • Strong influencing, negotiation, persuasive and collaborative skills.

Application Process:

Please submit the following:

  • Signed Offence Declaration: Offence Declaration
  • Cover letter
  • Updated CV - resume including your current OCT
  • The names and contact information (telephone number(s). + email addresses) of three (3) professional references
  • Copy of your passport

Your referees are, preferably, those who have been in a supervisory role to you and who can be readily contacted to provide a reference by phone or email

It would be great if you can spend time to complete the google form we share with you which helps us to know your qualification or experience clearly.



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