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The mission of the CISS Choir is to provide an affirming and caring atmosphere that fosters self-esteem and personal growth. The choir seeks to create an enriching musical and social experience that gives its members a lasting, joyful appreciation of music and of the community

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The Arts are an integral part of everyday life, permeating all levels of human creativity, expression, communication and understanding. They range from traditional forms embedded in local and wider communities, societies and cultures, to the varied and divergent practices associated with new, emerging and contemporary forms of visual language. They may also have socio political impact as well as ritual, spiritual, decorative and functional value; they can be persuasive and subversive in some instances, enlightening and uplifting in others. We celebrate The Arts not only in the way we create, but also in the way we appreciate, enjoy, respect and respond to the practices of art-making by others from around the world. Theories and practices in The Arts are dynamic and ever-changing, and connect many areas of knowledge and human experience through individual and collaborative exploration, creative production and critical interpretation.
The Arts (Drama, Music and Visual Arts) program at the Canadian International School has always operated under the following principle: complex problems require creative solutions. We are not just teaching to the curriculum specifications of the disciplines, we are teaching about life. With this in mind the areas taught generally attract those students who understand that what goes on in the classroom better prepares them for their life after their academic pursuits end. Regardless of the career path they choose The Arts helps them get ready for the day to day challenges that will definitely present themselves.
With four dedicated specialist teachers, this year we are proud to offer Grades 9-11 Drama, Grades 1-11 Music, Grades 10-11 Media Arts and Grade 9-11 Visual Arts, in addition to the International Baccalaureate Visual Arts program. The richness of this offering is reflected in the overall growth of our students from the earliest parts of their experience here at CIS to their ultimate graduation from Secondary school. We invite you to come visit with us and see where your children are going next!
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