Toronto is a City of Hopes and Adventures

By Bui Linh Chi, BCIS Alumni, York University, Canada


I came to Toronto to study aboard on August 31, 2016. Right after my first class started, I felt the immediate excitement and internal motivation to study. More importantly, I am also actively participating in club activities -the International Fellowship Club and Archery which keeps me busy after class. There, I have met incredible people who share the same interests, who not only make me feel welcome, but also have helped me through some hard university courses. I have friends from different backgrounds, like a mini globe within a school campus. The friends I have made in university are truly remarkable because I learn a lot from them.

My experiences until now are amazingly indescribable, even when I have been stuck on a public bus for five hours due to unexpected weather conditions or waited for transit to regional areas in the cold winter! Canada’s bustling, culturally diverse, and charming city has yet to disappoint me. The city does not change, but I have. All in all, it is a blessing for me to be in the position I am now, studying in university, exploring every corner of the cosmopolitan city, and meeting amazing people that I look up to.

After four months of studying and experiencing life in Toronto, I have concluded that, Toronto is a city of hopes and adventures. May 2017 be a year of love and acceptance for everyone! Happy New Year everyone!

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