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CIS Alumnus - Ms Dong Dao with 22 university offers

“CIS is my connection and sustainable foundation" This is a sharing from Ms.Dong Dao - CIS Alumni, class of 2021 about her 12 years studying at the Canadian International School.

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From Sai Gon Junior Activist to Top SKY University

Running an Autism Awareness Club since Grade 5, Jee Won Kim has grown up as a strong and constructive leader in social justice activities and will officially step into one of the top SKY Universities (YONSEI University) in Korea next September.

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CIS student enters the top “SKY” university

Does the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) prepare our students for Korean ‘SKY’ Universities? I hear parents ask this question frequently in our school community. The answer is a clear and resounding, “YES!”. 

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Trading home for a house then making it home

The challenge with transitioning for me was that I was trading a home for a house, a home where you are emotionally invested. David Le, CIS Alumni class of 2018

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