News 26/03/2024

M. Nguyet - Grade 6 student with a desire to let the world know her name for the flag of Vietnam, has earned multiple excellent victories on international stages to the amazement of her family, teachers, and friends.

M. Nguyet’s highlight achievements:

Academic competitions:

  • World Scholar Cup 2023 (global round): 5 gold medals and 2 silver medals
  • Young Translator of Fairytales without Borders 2023
  • Inspire Youth Debate 2023: 2nd Prize
  • RedDot Juniors Debate League 2023: Gold Cup
  • Vietnam British Parliamentary Championship (VBC) 2024: The finalist and ranking 2nd &The best speaker of Spark Division
  • Robotacon First Lego League 2024 in Vietnam: Vietnam’s champion in the Challenge category & Representative of Vietnam to compete in USA.

Art competitions :

  • Grand Opus International Piano Competition 2023: Gold Medal
  • Chicago International Music Competition (CIMC) 2024 - Vietnam: Solo Piano Distinction Award of Rising Star Category & Representative of Vietnam to compete CIMC global round in USA.

With such gained chain of accomplishments, M. Nguyet is a pride to Vietnam’s teenagers in general, and the CIS Family in particular. M. Nguyet is proof of success when one pursues one’s passions, proves oneself, and conquers challenges to overcome hardships and reach for victory. The CIS proudly deems M. Nguyet an icon of Vietnam’s citizens who strive for the characteristics of international citizens while being in a well-rounded and happy academic environment.

Once again, congratulations to M. Nguyet on her earned achievements! Her family, teachers, and friends are going to accompany her and help her maintain faith, motivation, and confidence to shine on her future journeys.

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