News 08/12/2023
In the vibrant and festive atmosphere of the holiday season, the Secondary music band of the Canadian International School (CIS) brought parents and students on a magical musical journey with the annual Winter Concert event.
Participating in the event, teachers, students, and CIS parents immersed themselves in a space filled with an artistic Christmas music feast, blending the depth of classical compositions with the lively melodies of youth, modern tunes, and the exuberance of cheerful Christmas hits. It set the stage for a warm and joyous holiday season, brimming with blessings and festive spirit.
To showcase diverse range of performances, talented CIS-ers, along with Mr. Litwick, poured their hearts into preparing for the night. The refined sounds from skilled-hands and the high-level musical instrument mastery of the young artists guided the audience into a world of exhilarating and emotionally charged music.
The concert was a special spiritual gift from the school to the CIS community, bidding farewell to the last days of the old year and looking forward to a promising 2024.

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