When Miracles Create Achievements - Chess Grandmaster Gia Phuc

News 07/02/2024

The Canadian International School proudly announces that G.Phuc has met the World Grandmaster standard for the first time. Surpassing geographical barriers and enduring hours of competition in Hungary against formidable chess opponents, Gia Phuc remained calm, fully unleashed his talent, and impressively won the SixDays Budapest championship. He scored seven points across nine rounds, achieving an Elo rating of 2,620, and reached the World Grandmaster standard for the first time.

"Chess not only helps me to integrate into normal life but also opens up a different world for me. In that world, I live passionately and express myself." - Gia Phuc proudly shares.

When he first saw his older sister playing chess, four-year-old Gia Phuc was captivated by each move and has been passionate about it ever since. Born with autism, Gia Phuc faced many challenges in his initial chess endeavors. The miracle would not have been possible without his family's unconditional love. Throughout a 10-year journey to fulfill his World Grandmaster dream, G.Phuc continuously learned, explored unique positions, and won many prestigious domestically and internationally awards. G.Phuc officially became a FIDE Grandmaster, accredited by the World Chess Federation, at 14.

Today's achievements are a well-deserved "reward" for him, a testament to his persistent pursuit of his dreams. As an excellent opportunity looms, we wish Gia Phuc will always maintain his passion, striving for further success and reaching an international stature.

Let's listen to the success story of Gia Phuc. 


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