News 25/11/2023

Effective information note-taking enhances memory and knowledge absorption, enhancing logical thinking. Creative and concise note documents are priceless for both study and work. The Sketchnote method goes beyond, helping organize diverse pieces of knowledge into a cohesive network.


Embracing the advantages of sketchnotes, the Canadian International School (CIS) offers an engaging Sketchnote experience class led by artists specializing in creative note-taking. Inspired by the teachers, simple drawings transform into vibrant symbols with unique meanings, amplifying excitement and fueling children's learning desires. Students explore methods such as:

+  Overlapping images - speeding up memorization.

+  Expressive drawing - for information systems.

+  Linear storytelling - fostering logical thinking, honed under the teachers' expert guidance.

By the end of the class, students confidently create personal plans or narrate stories using the sketchnote method.


After this enjoyable lesson, apply sketchnote techniques for enhanced learning, better information organization, improved writing, and a deeper understanding of creative note-taking's essence, preparing for a brighter future.


Let's revisit today's memorable class moments and anticipate the next thrilling experiences at CIS!

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