News 29/05/2024

Time marches on, and for the graduating class of CIS, it's all aboard the C2024 express! These 43 remarkable grade 12 students are leaving the cherished memories of youth station behind as they embark on new adventures.

Graduation Ceremony was a beautiful celebration of students' journey at CIS. From beaming smiles and confident eyes to heartwarming hugs and joyful tears, the ceremony captured the essence of their youth – a time filled with strong friendships, supportive teachers, and unwavering parental love.

The seniors reminisced about their time at CIS, cherishing all the experiences that shaped them. From challenging classes to thrilling activities and meaningful clubs, everything they did prepared them for the exciting future that awaited.

CIS has unwavering confidence that its 12th graders are well-equipped to embrace new challenges, scale the heights of knowledge, and contribute meaningfully to society in the years to come. CIS's heartfelt congratulations will accompany them on their future journeys, wherever they may lead. May they achieve remarkable success in their endeavors.

Let's look back and cherish the happy moments at the 2024 Graduation Ceremony for the high school students at CIS.

We will miss you,

CIS with love

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