News 20/11/2023

With a commitment to supporting young individuals wherever they may be, aiding students in acquiring skills to prevent school violence, cyberbullying, sexual abuse, and addressing mental health challenges like overthinking and academic pressure, Tien Phong Newspaper collaborates with various units for the initiative: "Supporting School Psychology - Bringing Experts to Schools." This initiative connects psychologists with middle and high schools in Ho Chi Minh City to facilitate discussions, exchanges, and address concerns related to school psychology.


During the event, Ms. Tham My Linh, the Executive Director of Canadian International School (CIS), shared the school's successful experiences with the School Psychology project - School of Wellbeing. This project triumphed over 100 entries from Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam, earning the top spot in the Healthiest Schools competition organized by AIA.


Key aspects of the project's impact include:

- Promoting the message of a secure school environment.

- Establishing a team of skilled school psychology consultants.

- Increasing awareness among students and parents about common school psychology issues.


As an educational institution dedicated to nurturing global citizens with comprehensive knowledge and skills, CIS consistently provides a safe, healthy, and joyful learning environment. This initiative is a topic of significant community and societal interest.

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