A Memorable Camping Night of Grade 12 Students - Canada International School District 7

News 27/02/2024 1 view

When reminiscing about the school years, surely each of us holds a sky full of vibrant memories. The innocent smiles, mischievous glances, and countless classroom stories—all these moments form pieces of cherished memories, contributing to a vivid picture of student life.

The Grade 12 students of Canada International School District 7 (CIS) recently had an overnight camping experience right at the school grounds, filled with engaging group activities. Each student personally decorated T-shirts according to their hobbies and passions, signing each other's creations to preserve the memories.

Subsequently, the students participated in team-building games, notably including capture the flag (requiring agility), treasure hunt (demanding judgment and precise reasoning skills), and various sports activities. The most precious and profound experience for each student was the moments spent together, sharing academic stories, nurturing aspirations, and dreams with both teachers and peers.

CIS believes that through this camping trip, the bonds of friendship and mentorship will strengthen, creating unforgettable memories together. The school hopes that all students will continue to strive and exert their utmost efforts to achieve the highest results in the upcoming International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) exams, and reap abundant successes in the future!


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