This is CIS’s policy for students who are not yet proficient in their English skills from grade 4th to grade 9th. Parents are always informed when they first discuss with the admission office. Parents would have read and signed in the contract.

Teachers who are in charge of ELL class will be observing and communicate with other classes’ teachers in order to effectively help out the students. During ELL period, teachers will be supervising closely during and after class. In English centers, due to the change of teachers, there will be partial disruption that can affect students’ learning.

Foreign students can choose to enroll in Vietnamse language class.

However, it would depend on their ability because the CIS is currently teaching in accordance with Vietnamese standard curriculum (Literature, History, Geography).

Students who are enrolled in French are at different levels. Depending on the student’s level, we will consider and draw a different path.

Depending on the school requirements. However, most school would still require additional tests because these are the standardized test to demonstrate students’ languages ability.

After graduation, students can choose to go abroad anywhere in the world without any difficulties for the most part. We also have counselling services to help students pick the right majors or schools depending on their abilities and wishes.

Our alumni is also an active part in assisting our current students so that they can make their best decisions.

  • CIS is the only international school that teaches Ontario (Canadian) Curriculum in Vietnam.
  • CIS is opened from kindergarten level to grade 12.
  • CIS is proud of our dedicated staffs with high qualifications and experiences. Also, 100% of teachers are interviewed and recruited from Canada. Most teachers are members of OCT – a Canadian association for teachers.
  • CIS’s facility is modern, and complete in order to satisfy the students’ need for studying, either physical, intellectual, or cultural in Canadian standard. Our facility consists of: computer lab rooms, library, experiment lab,  swimming pool, soccer field, 2D and 3D cinema, bowling center, mini-gold, multipurpose indoor stadium, etc.
  • The school focuses on helping students to develop a well-rounded background: Academic, Physical Education, and Character Education.
  • Our school always have promotion policy: discount tuition cost, or financial packages to help parents comfortably entrust their children to us in the long run.

The school has a scholarship program for talented students. Parents, please contact the Admissions Department for detailed information.

Upon failing the OSSLT, students have 2 options:

  • Retake the OSSLT next year
  • Enroll in an OSSLT class ( 110 sessions)
  •  Previous year’s transcript.
  •  Finish a test under Canadian teacher’s supervision. This test emphasizes on 2 main subjects: Literacy and Numeracy.
  • After that, teachers will present the result to the Principal with proposition for each case.
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