뉴스 29/05/2024

"Without today's efforts, you cannot witness your growth tomorrow. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is a journey filled with challenges not just for students but also for parents and the entire teachers at the Canadian International School (CIS)." This heartfelt message from Sophie Le, an IB graduate of 2023 who scored 43/45 to become the IBDP valedictorian and top achiever in CIS history, inspired and motivated all participants at the CIS Coffee Talk With IBDP Experts event.

Another parent shared their immense pride in their journey with their child to conquer the IB at CIS: "From the starting point of complete unfamiliarity with the IBDP program, I am now confident in supporting my child’s holistic development, unlocking their potential, and optimizing the advantages of the IBDP to successfully stand out when applying to world-class universities. I am completely satisfied and reassured by the dedicated support and guidance from all the staff and teachers at CIS. I don't need to seek advice from any other sources outside the school."

CIS Coffee Talk With IBDP Experts event not only gave advice but also served as a networking event, connecting students and parents, allowing them to share experiences. The event ended with joy and motivation to continue the journey of conquering the IBDP at CIS.

CIS sincerely thanks the parents, students, and teachers at CIS for their participation and active sharing. Special thanks go to the students whose warm melodies opened the event.

Let's look back at the inspiring moments from the event and continue to follow the CIS fan page for updates on upcoming IBDP events!

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