뉴스 30/11/2023

As part of the Orientation and Professional Development activities organized twice each semester, on November 27th, the International School of Canada (CIS) held the second workshop of Semester 1/2023 to enhance the quality of teaching and professional development for the teaching staff at the school.


Through this activity, teachers could improve their professional skills and learn from each other to meet the increasing demands of the learners. In addition, teachers gained the latest information from the school and implemented suitable teaching directions and plans for the upcoming semester.


Mr. Peter James Corcoran - Head of School of the Canada International School System (CISS), and the CIS Leadership team shared that this was an occasion for the school to encourage all teachers and staff to update and apply new technologies to teaching continuously and how to convey knowledge to students effectively.


Most notably, all CIS teachers and staff participated in the "LivingWorks START" course - an online training program equipping skills to recognize signs of individuals with suicidal thoughts, thereby developing response plans to protect and help them. The study was conducted as part of the CIS Well-being School project to enhance the community's awareness of caring for each individual's physical and mental health.


Hopefully, the new educational methods and experiences introduced at the PD Day will help teachers effectively convey knowledge to CIS students, enabling them to absorb lessons better and have a healthier developmental environment.

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