뉴스 16/12/2023

Explore the Canadian International School's (CIS) Global Issues Network (GIN) Council, where CIS-ers gain multi-dimensional perspectives, addressing local, human, and global environmental issues. The GIN Council actively organizes numerous social campaigns and non-profit clubs, including ESCA13, Anti-Human Trafficking, and Heartbeat Vietnam,... Delve into the vibrant groups under the GIN Council:

Anti-Human Trafficking: Since September 2021, the Anti-Human Trafficking Club tirelessly raised awareness within the CIS community about this inhumane activity through various channels, including Instagram posts and fundraising campaigns during school events.

A noteworthy initiative of the Anti-Human Trafficking Club is "The Break of Silence," where participants, both students and teachers, remain silent for 7 hours to stand in solidarity with human trafficking victims, urging support and denouncing this illegal activity.

Heartbeat Vietnam Club: GIN Council's newest club, in collaboration with VinaCapital Foundation, focuses on raising awareness and funds for children with heart conditions in remote areas of Vietnam.

Through impactful activities, the GIN Council aims to provide CIS students with opportunities to create positive values for the community, be it through environmental protection campaigns or providing shelter for the less fortunate and homeless animals. By joining the GIN Council, CIS-ers develop leadership skills, global awareness, and compassionate hearts, empathizing with challenging life situations.

Wishing our GIN's young heroes to sustain their enthusiasm, continue spreading positive values, and collaborate to build a better world!

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