뉴스 29/11/2023

In our commitment to providing an international standard of education and fostering sustainable values for students, CIS continually organizes projects aimed at improving the awareness of the student community, staff, teachers, and leaders regarding physical and mental well-being.


With this direction, the swimming teachers sand lifeguard team at CIS recently participated in CIS Swimming pool emergency response drills and professional development session for the pool staff. During this activity, scenarios affecting the students' health were enacted and practiced, ensuring that everyone mastered the techniques, rescue tactics, and first aid procedures to guarantee their safety and swiftly bring the injured to the first aid station. Through this event, CIS aims to strengthen the connection between teachers, staff, and students, enhancing skills so that each individual finds joy in teaching and learning.


This initiative also marks a milestone and a new step for CIS on the journey to build the happy and safr environment for every CIS-er. Stay tuned for upcoming events such as workshops and focused personal development activities, paving the way for each individual to be a piece of the puzzle contributing to the picture named "CIS Well-Being School”.

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