뉴스 30/11/2023

The most impressive event of November has returned - "CISS Charity Run 2023", the annual sports activity organized by the CISS Athletics Council in collaboration with the VinaCapital Foundation. Back on the "race"  this year, the atmosphere of the charity run became even more vibrant with enthusiastic participation from the CISS community.

The event exceeded expectations, achieving impressive figures:

  • 153 million VND was raised through fundraising activities, including the sale of charity shirts and contributions from each school within the CISS system.
  • 3,000+ compassionate individuals gathered at the event, including students, leadership teams, and faculty members from CIS, BCIS, and CVK.
  • 25,000+ kilometers were covered, ensured with strict security measures and meticulous organization by the organizing committee, with millions of steps spanning across the Phu My Hung area.
  • 20 outstanding performances by talented students from CIS and BCIS.

And many hearts always follow and accompany CISS from afar in its charitable activities.

Behind those numbers lies the spirit of compassion and the powerful unity of the students on their journey to complete the run. It's no longer about "winning or losing"; the event becomes even more profoundly meaningful as students stand together, supporting each other through every difficulty. Images of helping each other up after a fall, cheers of encouragement, dynamic high-fives boosting morale, congratulatory hugs, and most prominently, the alternating support of pushing a wheelchair to help an injured friend cross the finish line. All of these create a picture full of emotional love.


Additionally, the run was graced by members of the Saigon Heat professional basketball team - captain Tim Waale and Vo Duy Linh. The scene became bustling with the participation of fundraising stalls operated by the Student Council, receiving enthusiastic support from everyone. Free drink and ice cream service booths added an extra lively touch to the event.


The success of CISS Charity Run 2023 is the result of silent contributions and unity from every individual in the CISS community. We extend our special thanks to the Leadership team, the teachers and staff, and the CISS Athletics Council for their dedicated efforts in ensuring the success of this event.


Let's revisit these meaningful moments and look forward to the next running season to create even more beautiful values!


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