뉴스 16/11/2023

"To build a better community when our hearts beat as one." - sharing the meaningful words of Billy, a member of the Heartbeat Vietnam Club at CIS, concluded the event on November 14, "Heartbeat Vietnam Assembly," with the participation of Secondary School students and teachers.


The event began with a video recounting the inspiring journey of healing over 10,000 "hearts," delivered by Ms. Ha Phuong - the representative of the VinaCapital Foundation. She shared profound and humane words with CIS students, helping them understand more about the program's vision, mission, and achievements in its 17 years of operation.


The Heartbeat Vietnam Club added excitement to the atmosphere with games like "Quick Solve - Swift Answer," testing knowledge about health and the cardiovascular system, or the team game "Plank Together," where teachers and students interactively assembled puzzles (each team consisting of two students and one teacher). The team that maintained the plank position the longest emerged victorious.


Of particular note, the VinaCapital Foundation is always ready to provide CIS students with many internship opportunities within the organization. Through the valuable experiences shared by the internship seniors, CIS-ers learned that this work not only brings humanistic meaning to the community but also allows them to feel capable of doing something good for society, thereby developing themselves and enhancing their personalities.


According to Dr. Anne Wien, a psychologist from York University, Toronto, "care" is crucial for children to build and maintain social relationships. At the Canadian International School (CIS), Care is one of the ten personality traits in the Character Education program - a core value that the school constantly strives to nurture and cultivate in its students. Through extracurricular activities, clubs, and community-focused classes like the Heartbeat Vietnam Club, CIS aims to instill in the future generation a global citizenship mindset with a compassionate heart and empathy for less fortunate circumstances.

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