뉴스 16/12/2023
The enchanting tunes of Christmas waft through the corridors of the Canadian International School (CIS), each moment echoing the melodic voices of young ones in the captivating Christmas Concert, painting a musical journey rich in emotion.️
The lively notes of "Jingle Bell Rock" kicked off with adorable dance moves from Christmas sprites and pint-sized Santas of the Kindergarten, creating a "mini earthquake" that brought an immediate sense of excitement to the entire audience. Following this spectacle were the "little stars" of CIS, charmingly serenading the crowd with legendary tunes like "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," "Christmas is Here," "Believe,"... crafting a jubilant atmosphere and spreading positivity to all who listened. Overcoming their initial hesitations, the young CIS-ers quickly adapted to the stage, comfortably syncing with the rhythm and showcasing their performance abilities. Their confidence swept through the CIS community, harmonizing with the chorus of "Jingle Bell" in a vibrant and festive atmosphere, wishing for peace and sending love to everyone.
The success of today's performance is a direct result of the Primary School teachers, the second parents who rehearsed, prepared, and closely supported the children's endeavors to deliver an exceptionally wonderful musical fiesta. Additionally, CIS extends gratitude to all students, teachers, staff, and parents for their enthusiastic participation in the Dance. The warm reception from everyone has spurred CIS students and educators to continue their efforts, bringing forth more unique activities and events, providing the CIS community with further opportunities to connect and engage.
Let's eagerly anticipate the upcoming festive activities with CIS! Undoubtedly, everyone will encounter incredibly new and unique experiences!

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