뉴스 01/12/2023
The "CIS's Got Talent 2023" competition, organized by the Canadian International School (CIS), aimed to provide a wholesome platform for students to showcase their artistic abilities, passion, and explore their individual talents. With the enthusiastic participation of students from all grades, teachers, and CIS parents, the finals were a resounding success, with young talents shining brightly on the stage.
Taking place over two days on November 30th and December 1st, the finals were divided into two categories for Elementary and Secondary grades. Over 20 outstanding and impressive performances from students across the grades left a lasting impact on the audience:
  • Stirring up excitement with a dance performance to "What Makes You Beautiful" by Sara - a 9th-grade student.
  • A deep and soulful rendition of "Skyscraper" by the 11th-grade music group composed of Minh, An, Michal, and Justin.
  • Immersing the audience in the enchanting world of Disney with "Into the Unknown," sung by the powerful vocalist Missy - a 10th-grade student.
  • Notably, the entire auditorium came alive with energy as "Little Guitarist" Julio, a 4th-grade student, rocked the stage with a dynamic performance of the rock version of "Nối vòng tay lớn."
Many other talents officially emerged, including “artists” with “masterpieces,” “upbeat” musical compositions, and "skillful" guitar performances, along with promising voices. All these elements contributed to a talent competition full of emotions and exhilaration.
The "CIS’s Got Talent 2023" provided an opportunity for “young talents” to connect, share passions, develop their skills, and confidently perform in front of the audience. We hope that our "little talents" will continue to hone their skills to shine not only in Vietnam but also on international stages in the near future.

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