뉴스 17/05/2024

As we concluded the intensive CIS Talent Scholarship Program round, we had the delightful opportunity to speak with many passionate candidates. They shared their dreams and aspirations to become the next generation of talented individuals at the Canadian International School (CIS).

"I aim to build a strong academic profile, and I believe that CIS will open numerous opportunities to help me achieve my goals," shared L.Anh, passionate about academics and aspiring to attend prestigious universities in the U.S., such as Stanford or MIT.

Furthermore, the parents of C. Khang, a candidate for a sports scholarship, expressed their confidence in the learning environment at CIS: "My son is highly enthusiastic about athletics. When I asked him if he wanted to attend CIS, he eagerly agreed because he has friends participating in many clubs that help develop his skills. The school also promotes a true sporting spirit by allowing students to interact and participate in various sports."

 We take pride in providing a holistic educational environment that empowers students to thrive physically and mentally, fostering their confidence to become successful global citizens.

The results will be announced in a week. Stay tuned to meet the outstanding talents who will advance to the final interview round at CIS!

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