뉴스 20/05/2024

The 2023-2024 Golden Wolves Award - The Athletic Banquet, organized by the CIS Athletic Council, has officially concluded with impressive honors bestowed upon the outstanding student athletes and coaches from the Junior and Senior divisions in CISS sports community. This event was an opportunity for the CISS sports community to come together, enjoy a delightful banquet, and celebrate our athletes' unwavering dedication and commitment throughout the school year.

Awards were presented for Outstanding Athletes, Most Improved Athletes, Exemplary Athletes, and Outstanding Coaches including athletics, swimming, basketball, badminton, volleyball, football, and now golf, etc.

The Wolves are growing stronger every year, we entered an incredible 57 teams over the 3 seasons from U9 to U19. Each individual is an important piece of the puzzle, contributing to a united, strong, and confident team.

CIS is proud of the outstanding achievements of our student-athletes, talented coaches, and Athletic Council, who have dedicated themselves throughout the competition seasons. Together, we continue to write the chapters of CIS's remarkable success stories.

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