뉴스 16/11/2023

From early morning, the eager "little explorers" of Grade 6 joined hands with their teachers to prepare equipment for a thrilling adventure to the "Snake Kingdom." The journey of exploration and knowledge accumulation was cleverly woven through various fun games at four different activity stations designed by the teachers and the Vietnam Snake Rescue (VSR).


At the 1st station, the students learned about the importance of ecological balance, the interconnected chain of natural food, and the habits of snake species. Finish this station, they became more aware of the need to protect snakes and other wildlife.


At the 2nd station "Mix-Match", the students used their knowledge of habitat, genetic characteristics, and snake species identification from the previous station to complete the game.


The "Biodiversity Hunt" station was so vibrant when students worked in groups, discussed, and used their logical thinking to "hunt" information about the existing creatures at Crescent Lake Park. The group that was quick and collected the most accurate images and information had a chance to win adorable prizes from the VSR and Teachers.


In contrast to the previous stations, at this final station, the students had the opportunity to "interact" with two "friends": Khúc Bạch - a mutated grass snake with white scales, and Sương Sa Bánh Lọt - a highly distinctive flat-headed king cobra. Equipped with sufficient knowledge from the previous games, the students were extremely excited and boldly approached to touch the snakes, curious and agile, with 101 questions for experts and teachers.


CIS is confident that after this hands-on experience, the students will change their perspective on reptilian friends. Despite their fearsome appearance, these creatures play a crucial role in ecological balance. Spreading this humanitarian spirit, let's join hands to protect reptiles, in particular, and wildlife in general, within the community!


Let's revisit the exciting moments of interaction with these reptilian friends through this adventure!

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