뉴스 17/11/2023

"You’re like a friend and a mom to us, a secure place where we can share everything with you and not feel judged. Our academic years would be incomplete without you!" - CIS Students expressed to Ms. Michele - Secondary Social Science Teacher


In our life life, beside our parents, teachers play a significant role in imparting knowledge and nurturing our dreams. In acknowledgment of the sincerity of our teachers, the Student Council of the Canadian International School (CIS) organized a gratitude assembly on November 20, expressing heartfelt thanks to these "future creators".


The event kicked off with an engaging game called "Catch the Words". Students were tasked with keenly observing details about their favorite teacher and correctly guessing the teacher's name based on brief icons that appeared for five seconds.


This year, the CIS Student Council crafted unique and impressive "awards" for the teachers. The awards based on each teacher's signatures, hobbies, and habits, showcased the care and understanding between teachers and students. Categories included awards like "Chillest Teacher" or "Teacher with the Most Stylish Outfits". These personalized recognitions were truly priceless gifts for teachers. The most unforgettable moment of the event was the joyous smiles on the teachers' faces.


The event finished with a video created by CIS students, sharing words of love and meaningful wishes for all CIS teachers. The video, included with images of outstanding alumni studying worldwide, evoked memories of their time at CIS. Although they are studying at different countries, these alumni still hold their teachers in high regard.


CIS extends our best and sincerest wishes to teachers, who silently sacrifice, guide, and listen to the students, making CIS a second home filled with memories that continue to accompany the student on their journey.

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