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U19 Boys Volleyball SISAC Championship 2017

U19 Boys Volleyball SISAC Championship 2017

In the week of October 30, 2017, there are five sports’ tournaments happening and one of them will be held at CISS. U19 Boys Volleyball SISAC championship is coming up on this Wednesday, November 1 from 1PM – 7PM in the MLC. The six schools are going head to head included CISS, SING, ABC, AIS, AMIS and BVIS.

U19 Boys Volleyball SISAC Championship
Start Time Game Number Court A Game Number Court B
1:00 p.m 1 SING vs. ABC 2 CISS vs. AIS
2:00 p.m 3 AMIS vs. BVIS 4 SSIS vs. GM 1 Winner
3:00 p.m 5 GM 2 Winner vs. GM 3 Winner 6 GM 1 Loser vs. GM 2 Loser
4:00 p.m 7 GM 3 Loser vs. GM 4 Loser 8 GM 5 Loser vs. GM 6 Winner
5:00 p.m 9 GM 4 Winner vs. GM 5 Winner 10 GM 7 Winner vs. GM 8 Winner
6:00 p.m     GM 9 Loser vs. GM 10 Winner
7:00 p.m GM 9 Winner vs. GM 11 Winner





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