IB Core EX

IB Core EX

On Thursday June 1, 2017 the IB Core Exhibition was an intimate celebration of success for our dearie students, committed staffs and compassionate parental units in completing a fruitful year of the newly emerged International Baccalaureate.

After a 2 years journey of hard work, we came to acknowledge the growth of each individual and all the common effort that went into this program. Last night, our first class of IB Students proudly displayed and gave a glimpse into their works required at the core of IB for the Extended Essay, CAS, and Theory of Knowledge to exhibit their intellectual, physical and technical development throughout the journey. We were given insights into their 4 days internship in real professional settings through videos created by the students and to listen to their honest thoughts about this long road through an open student panel.


It was an honor to hand out medals from the IBO to this talented, driven and full of potential group. Within this short lived heartfelt experience, the room was filled with indescribable feeling of sincere passion, love and pride.

To embrace all these incredible achievements from both staffs and students, we hope this long journey had created well-equipped individuals going forward in the future. 
Our best wishes to the promising class of 2017, we hope you will find success whichever path ahead. It has been a pleasure. Thank you.

(Annie - Gr.12 IB)