Talk show: Xuan Quynh and her beautiful poems

Talk show: Xuan Quynh and her beautiful poems

On Saturday, September 29, 2018, the talk show named “Xuan Quynh and her beautiful poems” was organized by CIS IB students. During the show, students expressed what they had learned in different ways: Singing, playing instruments and delivering presentations. The show reflected their creativity, learning passion, proactiveness, logical thinking, and especially the attributes of IB learners.

Xuan Quynh is regarded as one of the most famous Vietnamese female poets with many beautiful love poems. Before the talk show, students of the IB Program - Vietnamese A class had had a month to do some research about many aspects of Xuan Quynh’s poems, such as topics, content, messages, etc. Thanks to the project, students could practice many useful skills including expressing their feelings toward a piece of writing and evaluating the values of Xuan Quynh’s poems in Vietnamese Literature.

CIS IB students expressed their love for Xuan Quynh's poems naturally and confidently

"Waves" - a famous poem of Xuan Quynh - was sung by first year IB students

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