On March 15th, CIS students from Kindergarten through to Grade 12 experienced Water Day, CIS’s fifth house day. The day was filled with water activities that soaked everyone from top to bottom. Although all of our House Council members were a little sunburned and stung from too many water-soaked sponges, we believe that this was our best House Day yet and hope that everyone enjoyed the splashy fun.


The activities wrapped up nicely with a water balloon fight, as students filled their water balloons from sprinklers and planned strategic attacks on unknowing teachers and rival Houses

Students competed fiercely for the ball in head to head water polo matches, with teachers occasionally joining in to spice things up

Surely, everyone had a fun time using all their might to toss sponges at opposing Houses’ Leaders and teachers’

Teams divided and raced for balls with words written on them and scrambled to make as many sentences (grammatically correct, of course!) as possible

A heads up to students - the next House Day is coming quickly, so prepare your spirit as we race towards the first CIS House Cup ever to be awarded. Also, in the upcoming month, the House Council is looking for 2017 - 2018 House Council. Are YOU ready to step up to the challenge and continue CIS’ newest tradition ?

Bella Tran - House Council / Kraken Captain