“Mathematics is not only for solving numbers, but also for solving real-life problems…”

In this Math project Grade 10 students working in design teams needed to establish a tourist company. Their mission was to create a one day sightseeing tour for foreigner tourists visiting Ho Chi Minh City. The teams needed work with strict parameters keeping cost and timelines in the equation.

At first, students were excited about the project and listed a lot of places to visit. However, working with a limited budget of only one million VND and a maximum of 3 hours for a tour and other limitations, many of our initial ideas collapsed.

This was then the time for Math. We did a lot of research to find an equation that considered distance, velocity and type of travelling vehicles. It was a long procedure to get a reasonable price for the destinations on our tour.

After that, the students launched a 3 -week marketing campaign, before doing a “Saigon Tourism Conference” where they could meet potential customers for their tours.

On Friday, February 17 all the design teams set up their booths at the MLC. Their tourist fair attracted many BCIS classes under the supervision of their BCIS teachers but also, CISS Support staff including our Accounting and HR Departments and a lot of the Canadian teachers who were thoroughly engrossed in the presentations. This math project took on a multi-disciplinary dimension as students used their entrepreneurial and marketing skills to draw in their audience - their potential clients. We were wowed by very professional videos of Saigon attractions, slick flyers, tour guides in costumes, culinary treats, company logos and even customized water bottles! One measure of a project or a lesson’s success is student engagement. This project quite obviously captured the students’ attention. In addition to putting forth their best individual academic effort, students needed to work as a group. Such team building skills are critical for all of us.

After the conference, the team with the most votes won the competition. The Prize was the budget to bring their plan into reality. All students are looking forward to the day they can experience their designed tour in life after lots of effort creating it. This is a sweet reward in return to their hard work.

Mr. Le Ngo Ngoc Nam - Math Teacher, BCIS