Hollywood House Day - An amazing comeback from CIS House System

Hollywood House Day - An amazing comeback from CIS House System

On Friday, October 5th, 2018, students of CIS came together to participate in the first ever Hollywood House Day. The House Council took a new approach for this House Day by creating a fully indoor environment that involved some brand new activities. For the first time ever, a House Day was organized with activities related to movie themes, which is why we called it Hollywood House Day.

The students kicked the 2018-2019 House System into high gear with an amazing day participating in fun and exciting challenges. We introduced everyone with an icebreaker activity that got everyone connected with their Housemates and pumped up with an epic cheer battle between Houses. Then the students played 3 competitive games representing movie themes: silent-movie charades, superhero trivia, and the animation station. It sure was an entertaining day all around!

Silent-movie charades let students work together and guess actions in complete silence.


Superhero trivia tested students on their knowledge in two vast universes of heroes and villains: Marvel and DC

Animation station was a race “under the sea” on scooter boards, then down a winding rope, before finally flipping cards in hopes of finding animated characters that ultimately decided the fate of the journey.

The House Council was founded in August 2016 by a group of 16 Intermediate / Senior students of CIS and Mr. Zinger. The Council created the CIS House System with 4 Houses: Kraken, Phoenix, Hydra and Cerberus that created many opportunities for healthy competition and school spirit between students. Through two years of operating with old and new members, the House Council has now organized 13 House Days and over 30 House Challenges in athletics, arts, and academics. Many House Days such as Water House Day, Amazing House Day, and this year's Hollywood House Day have received tremendous support and positive feedback from CIS students and staff.

The House Council has 3 more House Days and 9 more House Challenges in store for CIS this school year. Good luck to all Houses in their chase for the Cup!

Sue Vu & Surya Thiyagarajan - CIS House Council