CIS Students at Dance Proms in London England!

CIS Students at Dance Proms in London England!

Mrs. Karen Farquhar (Parent of Else, Gr.7 CIS)


CIS students Johnny, Grade 10 and Else, Grade 7 love to dance. They are both members of SOUL Academy’s Young Lyricists, a group of young dancers aged 12 - 17 who successfully auditioned to become members of this dynamic and talented group.

Johnny (red hoodie) and Else (yellow jacket, green scarf) with their dance group


On November 5, 2017 The Young Lyricists Dancers performed at the famous Royal Albert Hall in London, England. They danced a beautiful and haunting piece called Sac Mau which had the more than 5,000 audience members spellbound. This was truly a life changing event for Johnny and Else.


Johnny,  “Going to London, England to dance was a wonderful way to experience British Culture. It was also nerve-racking to have the responsibility of representing our country by executing a lyrical dance performance in front of thousands of people.  We proudly represented, not only Vietnam but all of Asia at The Dance Proms. We were the first group from Asia to ever be invited to this event. It was amazing to have this opportunity to share our culture and bring Vietnam to the world!”


Else, “It was so exciting to travel to London to dance and I was honoured when our group represented Vietnam at Dance Proms. The dance we performed is a lyrical piece that tells a sad story. I was so nervous when we got to the Royal Albert Hall and saw dancers from all over Europe - some seemed so confident and professional. When the dance ended and the crowed cheered for us, I was so relieved and very proud.”