Trying to remember the numbers, the historical dates and what happened in the past is actually a huge challenge to us when learning History. Fortunately, these things are now becoming more fascinating for us to learn via physical models. This was proven through the success of the project “ The winning spring of 1975” done by BCIS grade 9 in January 2017.


During this project, we were split into smaller groups. Each group had their job to create a model that illustrated the important occurrences of Vietnam War including Tay Nguyen Campaign, Hue-Da Nang Campaign, Ho Chi Minh Campaign and Independence Palace on April 30,1975.


At first, we encountered quite a few of difficulties because we had to create something uniquely creative while reflecting the historical reality. Even though it was hard, we were still attracted to this new learning method. Moreover, with the dedicated support of teachers and our enthusiasm and perseverance, we finally completed our project. A special feature about our project is that we have used all recyclable materials that will not harm the environment to make our models.


In general, learning History via physical models is a helpful and interesting method. Being able to research, re-create and present the models made us feel like we have been through that period of time and experienced the glorious moment of the winning history through our eyes and made us feel proud to be a part of our people. More importantly, this is an opportunity to improve our skills such as teamwork, problem solving and creativity. Those lively models is the bridge that shorten the gaps between modern generation and the history of the country, plus making us loving History subject more. We hope to have more History lessons like this in the future as each session is now an interesting experience on our journey back to Vietnam origin.

Vo Ngoc Tuong Van - Class 9.1 BCIS