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It’s considered the end of an era. Our close-knit community, our school family shattered, as we leave the comfort of the known to head out into the wild blue yonder. Yes, we’re spreading our wings, leaving the nest, and for many of us, leaving our home country. Whether we leave BCIS to continue further education in Vietnam, attend a college or university in Canada, the US, Australia, or Great Britain, we all share the bittersweet sentiments of sadness as we experience the thrill and excitement of the next phase of our lives.


We reminisce about our time here and realize we have enjoyed some privileges associated with Grade 12, and the laughter and good times we shared as close friends, supporting each other through the difficult years. Supporting each other as we completed two curricula, worked towards the dreaded Grade 12 national exams, shared the joys and sorrows of adolescence, and the gradual acceptance of added responsibility. We appreciate the life-long relationships we have developed with our classmates who understand and support us unconditionally. Will we ever experience this closeness and acceptance again in our lives?

We encourage all BCIS students to continue to strive for academic excellence, think critically and be active problem solvers. We challenge you to show your courage by trying many things and being innovative. Find your passion, make time to follow your dreams and discover deeper challenges that bring you joy. Share your passion for social justice and commitment to making your community, your country and the world a little better place. Do not submit to peer pressure, rather be true to yourself and do what you know is right for you and your friends. Do not let the everyday stresses get you down, find peace and harmony and believe in yourself. It is a big world out there and we are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. It’s scary, it’s exciting, it’s awesome, and it’s the next phase in our lives. We worry about our future. Are we prepared for the academics of university and the social and emotional challenges of life perhaps half way across the world from our families ? Will we be miserably homesick ? Will we like the weather in another country ? Will we find friends, and be accepted and fit into new cultures ? Be assured that whatever our dreams are, wherever we may travel, we will always be proud of our roots. We will maintain our strong Vietnamese heritage and beliefs and we will make our mark, we will go out there and conquer the world! But, we will never forget our time at BCIS, for we are family and we believe in each other. We are proud to have strong roots in our Vietnamese culture and feel very fortunate that we have been given the wings to fly!

BCIS Grade 12 2017 Graduates