CISS "EX" 2017-EXhibiting EXcellence

CISS "EX" 2017-EXhibiting EXcellence

CISS “EX” 2017 - EXhibiting EXcellence took place on April 15 at both CIS and BCIS campus. As a annual event that honors the excellence of students and every school in the system, CISS EX is always welcomed by CCISS community. This year, the event attracted almost 1000 parents and students.



CIS classes were decorated and opened to families to visit


This year, every family was given a "CISS Passport to the Future" that introduced all the activities and showed the map of the event


After visiting one place, families will get one stamp. The “mission” of families was collecting as many stamps as they can to receive valuable gifts from CISS


The models of Ao dai from Vietnamese Literature and Social Science


In the cafeteria, GIN had a lot of fund - raising activities for the community


The auction of five paintings by Ms. Sarah Rowan Dahl -  the Australian painter.


In the front foyer, Albert Einstein school - AES proudly exhibited their wonderful students’s work.




The welcome speech by Ms. Sheryl Freeman and Ms. Bonnie Thibodeau


The whole BCIS campus was decorated by students' work from all grades




Students' parade - the highlight activity of the event



The CISS “EX" 2017 also had a lot more fun activities for parents and students to interact such as sports, physical activities, etc.


Especially, in the Maketspace area, students could play with the robots and experienced other interesting activities related to technology


CVK also joined this event with the models of dinosaurs and galaxy.


There were always a lot of children gathered in the corner of coloring pictures and face - painting by CVK teachers.

CISS hopes that this event already accomplished its mission as a connection between parents and the schools, and amongst family members. We believe in bringing trust to the parents in regarding to our vision and mission as we have been pursuing.